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Children are the future of every generation. At Innocent Childhood Foundation, we believe that to correct a glitch and an abnormality in a generation, go back and change the children. Change the way they grow up, their value system, their experience and change the things that affect them.
We work to end child sex abuse, molestation and street hawking by organising awarenes campaigns, sex education, and counselling; we also organise medical checkups & interventions, distribution of relief materials, sponsor legislations, engage in community development, research on child sex abuse and work towards ending gender-based violence

Vision, Mission & Objective


OUR MISSION - to provide aggressive awareness to parents, wards and children of the dangers in exposing children to external influences that might thwart or threaten the innocence of children; protecting the innocence of children and saving the next generation.
OUR VISION - to see communities filled with innocent, happy and peaceful children. A world where children are protected from the evil of sexual molestation. Hence, healthy and whole children that will grow up to have healthy, trustful relationships and thus a healthy and peaceful community and a healthy world.
OBJECTIVE: Compassion, Education, Service to humanity, Focus on the future, Community development.

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7 Ahmadu Ali Crescent, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria

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